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FCC Licensed Frequency

From day one, the engineers at Pyxis understood the need to provide ultra-secure, ultra-reliable service to their customers. This is why Pyxis has invested considerable time and dollars to license a specific frequency from the FCC in which to operate their wireless backbone.

Additionally, Pyxis strategically selected gear capable of 100Mbs, full-duplex throughput at ranges of 10 miles, but continues to locate towers less than 8 miles apart, creating a stronger backbone with much greater resistance to fade and dropout.

This setup enables Pyxis to provide virtually interference free connections between towers with the extra power to ensure reliable and available bandwidth for providers to sell licensed or unlicensed services to end customers.

Triple-Layered Security

The security safeguards associated with the Pyxis backbone are significant and industrial-strength. First, consider the physical constraints associated with the towers themselves. The antennas require direct line-of-sight within 1° of center. To intercept their signal, a intruder would need to place their gear in the absolute direct path of this beam, some hundred feet in the air.

Second, because the Pyxis backbone operates in a FCC licensed frequency, the intruder would need identical, commercial-grade gear with an identical configuration.

Third, even if an intruder went to these lengths, the gear utilizes both authentication and encryption technologies to ensure that if the data stream was captured, an intruder would see nothing more than a stream of worthless data.

Wholesale Carrier

Pyxis Broadband is in the business of providing wholesale, carrier-grade service to WISP’s and ISP’s. Pyxis will not compete with their clients and sell direct to an end customer, like traditional carriers, plain and simple.

Combined with an extensive technical infrastructure, this market approach means Pyxis Broadband truly becomes your "Fiber in the Sky" and a unique, cost effective alternative to traditional, land-based T1 or fiber Internet connections.

Scaleable Bandwidth

Regarding traditional land-based connectivity, providers often have to choose between small or jumbo-size, with little in between. Additionally, there are limited options associated with scaling bandwidth up and down as the providers needs change.

Pyxis Broadband offers the flexibility to scale bandwidth virtually on-demand without the investment of additional gear. This allows a provider to add or subtract bandwidth on a month-to- month basis to grow within their means.

Landline Fiber Alternative

Its only logical for providers that already understand and benefit from the advantages of wireless technologies tap into a wireless backbone to gain a competitive advantage.

One of the greatest disadvantages to landline fiber is a provider needs to locate their gear where the fiber is available. There is limited flexibility associated with where a tower is located in relation to where the fiber exists and who is the provider of that connection.

The Pyxis Broadband wireless backbone frees WISP’s and ISP’s to locate their gear virtually anywhere - on any building, on any tower, in any location - within line-of-sight of one of the Pyxis towers. Additionally, the Pyxis Broadband backbone only touches ground at certain points.

If a provider connects to the backbone in Elgin, as an example, that connection might not hit a landline until Naperville. This creates a unique disaster recovery plan to mitigate certain natural disasters. As the backbone grows, the assurance associated with the design grows proportionately.

Pyxis Broadband offers a wholesale alternative to landline fiber via carrier-grade, wireless backbone operating in a secure, FCC licensed frequency.

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