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PYXIS Broadband is a wholesale provider of 'licensed' bandwidth  for WISPs in the Chicagoland area. If you require additional  bandwidth or simply want to save money on your current  bandwidth requirements, you'll want to check out PYXIS.

PYXIS is a bandwidth consolidator, which means we buy at  bulk rates and are able to pass significant savings on to you.  Rather than paying high prices to a megalithic supplier who's  also your biggest competitor, choose PYXIS.

Our goal is to help WISPs and the progress of the entire industry.

Buying in volume means savings for you; Licensed frequency equipment means reliability with no interference to the suburbs; Wireless delivery means low infrastructure cost; backhaul included to give you Full Loop Service.

Pyxis Broadband offers a wholesale alternative to landline fiber via carrier-grade, wireless backbone operating in a secure, FCC licensed frequency.

Call or write us today at 630- 443- 8201 or [email protected]




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